Tools of the trade

R&A Systems prides itself on quality service. We strive to be the best in our business. Although service can be the least rewarding part of our job, we always ensure the job is done correctly and to the best of our abilities.

Service Parts

Fans and more fans

The only moving part inside a PC that is directly exposed to dust. R&A Systems has the best selection of fans in the area. We know how often fans can fail and there is nothing worse than having that happen when the system needs critical cooling. When a fan is failing it might seem like the system is slowing down and getting sluggish for no apparent reason. Sound familiar?

About Us

R&A System Services established in April 1988. We are located in the beautiful city of Bolton, Ontario Canada


  • IT Outsourcing
  • Computer Repair / Sales
  • Laptop Repair / Sales
  • Laser Printer Repair / Sales
  • Network Installation / Sales
  • Server Configuration / Sales
  • Web Site Design / Hosting
  • Remote Management

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Unit 8, 2 Marconi Crt
Bolton, ON L7E 1E5
Phone:  905-857-7737